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Welcome to Yuvadhara News! A digital platform that shares tangible views and opinions based on political, world, auto, technology, health, finance and much more. These terms and conditions account for the contract between Yuvadhara News and you. The term “you” refers to the user of the Yuvadhara News website, and this applies to all who use this website. As you visit this website and give your details, you become liable to our agreement. Therefore, it is a must to carefully read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of Yuvadhara News.


Yuvadhara News is a Malta-based digital platform that provides genuine content regarding travel, auto, finance, technology, etc. We also provide an excellent editing system that helps in the liability of the contents we provide to the readers. Our contents are available on this website https://yuvadharanews.com/. All the contents are edited and assured under the department of senior writers and editors. Yuvadhara News may restrict the use of our website if any user violates these website’s terms of use or engage in fraudulent use of this service.



We provide all the contents with images to ensure the accuracy and liability of the content. We mainly provide content based on travel, health, finance, and reviews of vehicles. The travel diaries are based on the experience of our travel journey so that we can ensure the accuracy of the content. However, we are not responsible for the news items sourced from third-party points.


Getting access to the website allows the user to read all the contents and services we provide. As we are protected by the copyright, trademark, and other property laws, any violation of the use of this content for inappropriate purposes will be held legally. Other activities that intend to destroy our contents like disabling, introducing viruses, or malware violate the terms and conditions posted by us.


Yuvadhara News follows a friendly engagement policy with the users where the users can express their views and opinions in the comment sections. However, it is to be noted that the user who provides the content or comments shall be responsible for the same. Contents or comments should follow the proper guidelines and shouldn’t defame any person, organization, business, or company.


At present, Yuvadhara News uses cookies in order to guarantee a better user experience. We may use the cookies to deliver marketing research, targeted advertising, and other relevant information to you.


All information given by the users is never passed on to the third party. This collection of information is completely intended for improving the contents, data analysis, and for the purpose of market research.


In any circumstances, Yuvadhara News owns the right to terminate access to the website and takes adequate actions against the users when illegal activities are seen.

  1. LEGAL

The law of Malta governs these terms and conditions, and in disputes, disagreements shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Malta courts.

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